At the Atlanta Speech School in Georgia, their mission is to grow every child’s brain through literacy and language. A division of the Atlanta Speech School, the Rollins Center, focuses on reading and how important reading is for the brain. Reading is exercise for the brain.

Just like the Talk Read Sing campaign, the work done at the Rollins Center is to remind families the long term, positive impact they can have on the development of their child’s brain from the earliest age using language and continuous reading. Through the Rollins Center, in an effort to reach all families no matter where families are located in the world, and in an effort to end illiteracy, the Cox Campus online learning videos were developed. The online platform provides training and resources for families to teach their children that talking and reading is learning. The modules used in the training empower caregivers to be confident in the way they impact their children’s brain development. Head to now to check out what learning and reading advice they have to offer. Start their trainings and start earning their certificates today!

I did and am proud to show my certificate.