In this unprecedented time parents, you have been given an amazing gift. I know it seems like nothing good is happening in the world around us.  However, as a parent of a young child, you have been given the absolute best gift of all.




Yes, that’s right.

You have been given the gift of time with your little one (or ones). You have time to make strong connections, build bonds and share yourself with your child in the most influential time of their lives. To make the most of the time there are three very easy steps you can do to accomplish these and more.



Talk to your child about the world around you. Talking allows your child to connect to the world you inhabit and the world around them.


Reading to your child exposes them to rich language and words. It is also a fantastic way to build strong bonds with your child. You are home, so take advantage of the cuddles before a nap or before bedtime, a quick breather between activities, or just a moment to share the 50th read of the favorite book at the moment. These are precious moments to be remembered and cherished.


I cannot sing my way out of a wet paper bag (as my mom has told me many times over), but that does not matter to your little one. Your voice is the most pleasing sound to your child. Singing allows children to hear vocabulary in a new way, exaggerates the parts of the words, and creates rhythm. Each of these allows children to learn in new and different ways. Singing allows the child to remember easier and builds brain connections.

Combine Talking, Reading and Singing throughout the day to give your child the best foundation of learning, building brain synapsis, and forming those crucial early literacy skills. Take time today. Lean into this time you are given at home. Enjoy the gift you have found yourself in this time of COVID-19. Connect, bond and share through Talking, Reading and Singing every day.   

For great resources, visit the Hillsborough County Public Library webpage at There you will find great books in e-Book or e-Audio just for your little one, storytimes from your favorite librarians around the county, and fun activities made just for your little one. For a limited time, ABC Mouse is available for your little one to use at home also. 

Visit this page, specifically designed for kids.

HCPB Just For Kids

Stay safe,

Your librarian,