Talk Read Sing and Champions for Children encourages all Tampa Bay to get counted!

The process is simple, quick, and can be completed over the phone, online or by mail.

2020 Census Form

Here are just a few of the many important reasons to complete the census.

  • It is required by law.
  • The count determines the amount of funding a community receives for schools, hospitals and other public services.
  • Results determine how Congressional seats are assigned and state boundaries and other jurisdictions are divided.

To help make the experience fun and educational for kids, the Census has provided many tools and resources for families! One of our favorites at Talk Read Sing Tampa Bay is this cute 2020 “Everyone Counts!” Story and Activity Book that explains the importance of making sure everyone gets counted.

Below is a link to the 2020 Census’s storybook, EVERYBODY COUNTS.
Note: It takes a while to load, so be patient.


The staff at Talk Read Sing wants to remind everyone to count those babies! Often young children are left out of the 2020 Census count. Caregivers sometimes do not realize they need to add children under a certain age. All the littles, even the littlest of the bunch count for the Census!

The more people that are included in the count, the more funding the local community will receive.

You may head to for questions and more information about the Census 2020. The Census is happening now so complete those questionnaires today!

Want to teach your baby how to count, the link below from Highlights features a fun way to teach your baby math.

Let’s Talk about Math