Hello all – I want to introduce myself as the voice of the blogs for TALK READ SING. My name is Elena, and I am the Community Initiatives Specialist at Champions for Children and a part of the TALK READ SIGN Tampa Bay team. On a more personal level, I want to share with you a bit of my own motherhood story.

Elena Talk Read Sing

It is hard to believe this year will be my fourth Mother’s Day. Each year looks a little different since baby girl, Jelina, is growing. Each year she is able to get more involved in honoring the woman that brought her into the world. Though celebrations for all Moms will be a bit different this year, I’m here to remind all the Mamas to remember to celebrate!

Sometimes we Moms forget—or choose not to acknowledge—what we have accomplished. Often times we are our own hardest critics. Sadly some Moms never have anyone telling them how amazing they are at this thankless job. At TALK READ SING Tampa Bay we are dedicating this week to celebrating, honoring, and thanking all Mothers! We are here to remind all Moms how unforgettably special they are. We want to reaffirm Moms that no one can replace what you do for your kids. If you haven’t stopped to praise yourself today on what an amazing job you are doing as a mother, I ask that you take a moment—right now—and tell yourself that you are the most important and loved person in your child’s life!

Motherhood comes in many forms and may look different across families, households and cultures. The current reality is mothers and caregivers are having to be a parent, professional, teacher, partner and playmate.

You will go down in history as the heroines of this unprecedented time.

This special day for all Mommies is not just about celebrating yourself as a Mom, but also celebrating all the Mothers or maternal figures in your life. Think about all the fabulous women that helped you become the woman and Mother you are today. Think about all the community Moms working to ensure your child has a village to support them. How will you share with them how important they are to you?

To all the women stepping up raising bonus children or children that need a loving home, we celebrate and honor you too!

This week (and always) we salute and THANK YOU for being incredible mothers to children in our community!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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