Champions for Children and TALK READ SING Tampa Bay believe that a nurturing father is someone who actively provides guidance, love and support to enhance the development and growth of children for whom he cares. Fatherhood is something that can be potentially intimidating, challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling as well as something that can (and does) look different in every family, household, space, and across cultures.

This week we want to celebrate fathers in all their forms both young and mature, both experienced and novice and we want to hear from THEM in their own words what “fatherhood” has meant to them.

Talk Read Sing FatherhoodAndrew.

“Being a father is a unique experience in that I get to have so much joy and fulfillment, while also responsibility. Caring for my two children has taught me to be so much less selfish, more loving, and in tune to the Father’s heart of God. God has told us in Proverbs 22:6 that fathers have a responsibility to train their children. I take that verse to mean that my actions will be replicated in my children, but also my faith can be too. This creates an amazing opportunity to help my children know and love God at a young age and be better prepared for life than I ever was. Being a father is part of my calling, my purpose, and an amazing joy. I love my children and know they love me too.”

Talk Read Sing, FatherhoodWill.

“Fatherhood means making memories together. Every stage of my daughter’s life passes so quickly so we make a lot of memories during each stage and take a lot of pictures. It doesn’t have to cost much time or money. My daughter loves to play with her Lego sets together. She also loves to help me when I’m doing projects around the house. She’ll proudly tell her mom ‘I got to help Daddy!'”


Talk Read Sing, FatherhoodSaul

“Being a father to me starts with being a protector and a teacher. Protecting his children from all the bad and ugly this world has to offer. Teaching them right from wrong and morals which will help them develop into beautiful, intellectual women. A great father expresses his love unconditionally to his kids and dedicates his time and effort in preparing their children for the real world.”

Talk Read Sing, Fatherhood


Fatherhood to me is to provide, protect, and to demonstrate the love of God to my children. The ultimate goal is to point them to their heavenly Father and His love, protection, and provision for them.”



Talk Read Sing, Fatherhood


“For me, fatherhood (and more recently, grandfatherhood) has always meant having the responsibility to lead by example of how I would like to see my children succeed in life. Now that I have two grown daughters starting families of their own, I am proud to see the work ethic, accountability, and dedication to family that I hoped to instill in them from a young age coming to fruition.”


Talk Read Sing FatherhoodBrian.

“As the most significant thing I have done in my life, fatherhood is about unconditional love. This means showing an immutable sense of affection and care. Fatherhood is also about cultivating and stimulating the child’s mind. Whether it is reading to them daily, going to the zoo, or just playing along with the imaginations, it is important to keep the child mentally and physically engaged. Being a father is not an easy job but it is most certainly a gratifying job.”


Talk Read Sing, FatherhoodAnonymous.

Being a good Dad means being present for your children…… being a great Dad means constantly speaking God’s truth and love to them.




Talk Read Sing FatherhoodDaniel.

“Fatherhood means being a present and active member in my family. It means making sure my wife is safe and healthy throughout her pregnancy. It means singing songs and talking with my baby even before she’s born. It also means taking care of her physical, mental, and spiritual health as she gets older. I’m so excited and thankful to be a father!”



As you can see, fatherhood—like fathers themselves—comes in many forms, each being special in their authenticity and uniqueness.

So on this special week, spent celebrating fathers, father-figures, grandfathers, and strong male presences in the life of children in our community, on behalf of the entire team at TALK READ SING Tampa Bay, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day and we thank you for your commitment to keeping your children safe, loved and thriving.