About Talk Read Sing

Talk Read Sing Tampa Bay

TALK READ SING Tampa Bay is a community awareness campaign focused on educating Tampa Bay residents, especially parents, about the importance of developing a child’s brain by talking, reading and singing beginning at birth. Tampa has been designated as the 27th Talking Is Teaching: TALK READ SING Community in the United States and the second in Florida. The TALK READ SING Tampa Bay community initiative is being led by Champions for Children.

Current research shows that learning begins at birth, not at school entry. Babies with low levels of one to one interaction fall measurably behind at 18 months. Those studies also show that those babies who measure “behind” at 18 months have a more difficult time catching up to their peers. In short: those that fall behind early are more likely to stay behind. Talking, reading, singing and playing with babies are simple but powerful ways to develop the brain architecture in an infant’s brain. (Three Key Years, George C. Halvorson)

At Champions for Children, we have separated the approach to implementation of TALK READ SING Tampa Bay into the “Ground Game”, and the “Air Game”. The Ground Game refers to the implementation and engagement of partners and families in the community whereas the Air Game refers to broader messaging strategies to reach as many people in Tampa Bay as possible.

For more information on specific information on how we are bringing this community initiative to Hillsborough County, please check out out Talk Read Sing Tampa Bay Overview.