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Talk Read Sing Executive Summary

TALK READ SING Tampa Bay is a community awareness campaign focused on educating Tampa Bay residents, especially parents, about the importance of developing a child’s brain by talking, reading and singing beginning at birth. Tampa has been designated the 27th Talking Is Teaching: TALK READ SING Community in the United States and the second in

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Cox Campus Online Learning Program

At the Atlanta Speech School in Georgia, their mission is to grow every child’s brain through literacy and language. A division of the Atlanta Speech School, the Rollins Center, focuses on reading and how important reading is for the brain. Reading is exercise for the brain. Just like the Talk Read Sing campaign, the work

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Thank 83 degrees for the kick-off story about TALK READ SING. "Unborn babies, as well as the tiniest of tots, can learn from hearing you talk. Even if they don't understand everything they're hearing, words matter. The same is true for reading aloud and singing (offkey is fine). All three are crucial for brain

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